It is necessary to maintain safe and healthy working conditions. Thousands of Americans are killed each year in on-the-job accidents, and many more suffer work-related disabilities, injuries, or contract occupational illnesses. Moreover, workplace accidents affect employers and employees—through lawsuits, settlements, loss of labor, and decreased morale, these accidents pervade every aspect of work culture. Understanding your role in workplace safety is the first step to preventing hazards and accidents.


This site, though not affiliated with a United States government agency, provides essential tools, lists, and overviews for employers and employees. If you are searching for information regarding workplace regulations, you will need to visit several different government websites—the United States Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the National Safety Council, to name a few. Our site collects the important data and information from these sites, bringing it to you in an easily-searched, singular package.


Our site is split between general knowledge resources, resources for employees, and resources for employers. We provide extensive documentation of further reading, linking to the main government websites for each important Act, measure, and law. In taking this streamlined approach to workplace safety, we hope to facilitate safer environments and better practices around the country.