Best Workplace and Employer Practices During Coronavirus Outbreaks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have described Coronavirus (COVID 19), as a health pandemic. There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the spread of the virus. Due to the pervasive coverage of the virus, employers need to address rising concerns to their workers.  
The confirmed infection cases are rising globally. The main transmission of coronavirus is through the respiratory tract. After exposure, the symptoms will occur within two to fourteen days. According to the CDC, Americans are at a low health risk of getting the disease. Nonetheless, employers need to ensure employee safety.  

According to the General Duty Clause, employers need to ensure employment environments are free from recognized hazards that can cause physical harm or death. Employers should advise sick employees to work from home. This will prevent sick employees from spreading the disease to healthy ones. Additionally, employers should encourage healthy practices in the workplace.  

Employees should use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds. Consequently, the working environment should be routinely cleaned. Disposable wipes should be provided to the employees to wipe commonly used surfaces. If employees exhibit respiratory illness symptoms, employers should send them home.  

To prevent and control the spread of the virus, both employees and employers need to monitor trusted health sources for any new information released. Reviewing such sources will help them in managing their travel schedules and checking the symptoms of the respiratory illness. Monitoring trusted health sources would also provide accurate information on preventive measures of avoiding coronavirus.  

When dealing with sick employees, employers should be flexible with sick time and other out of office policies. Their main aim should be implementing policies that support the suspected infected individuals.