Building Safety through Teamwork

Safety performance is more than a reflection of a solitary safety leader. In most cases, it is the result of a team effort and commitment to a common goal. Employees perform better when they feel valued and cared for. Imposing safety rules are only part of the equation. Teamwork will foster a sense of community and allow workers to feel proud of the work they complete. Here’s what you should do to build better safety teamwork performance.


Compliment, don’t criticize. Complimenting your teammates and workers has several benefits. Their self-esteem will improve, you’ll feel better about your role, and you’ll look for reasons to think better of others. Offering compliments allows you to focus on what your team requires, and honing in on that need will allow individuals to get the respect and admiration they need. It brings a team closer together, which allows them to perform better.


Focus on improvement. Whether you work through seminars or self-improvement lectures, do what you can to improve the abilities and decision-making processes of everybody on the team. This will allow them to support each other and maintain a sustainable safety performance through better quality work.


Inspect, don’t expect. Regularly inspect the work and progress of the team. Don’t nit-pick or micro-manage. Instead, provide autonomy and ask earnestly about progress and how to better engage all members. If you provide a team the freedom to approach management with issues you empower them to propose solutions.


Provide credit. Looking out for one another requires participation from every member of a team; no individual can let their guard down. Everyone should be committed to the idea that each member has a value. When you praise a team and give credit where it is due, you boost morale and camaraderie, which will improve performance and self-confidence.


In implementing these four actions and mindsets, you allow your team to naturally build camaraderie. This relationship will allow them to self-regulate and hold each other accountable. Looking for additional resources and tips? Check out this page about teamwork safety.