Creating a Culture of Safety

As an employer, it is your duty to provide a safe and hazard-free workspace for your employees. However, your efforts may only extend so far; employees must be trained properly and made aware of possible avenues for workplace safety discussion. It is therefore necessary for employers to create a culture of safety. Below, we have a few tips for starting this process and generating a broader conversation.


Proper Training—Your employees should know exactly what they’re doing—whether you own an advertising agency or a shipping warehouse. Taking the time and care necessary to properly train your employees will result in fewer accidents and a better, more transparent relationship.


Engaged Practices—If changing anything relating to workplace safety, be sure to include your employees (to the best of your ability). Utilize surveys as a voting tool for passing certain safety measures and allow employees to speak up about the hazards they perceive in their workday.


Safety Updates—If new standards are released by the Department of Labor, be sure to let your employees know. If possible, hold a meeting to discuss workplace and national safety updates. Workers should be aware of their rights.


Perception Surveys—The National Safety Council recently reported that 30% of Americans were afraid to report safety issues in the workplace. If you are curious to find out what your employees think about their space, consider conducting perception surveys. The NSC provides reliable feedback from employees of all ranks in your business or organization. For more information, visit the NSC website.