Threat of Coronavirus should Re-Double All Workplace Safety Initiatives

Safety should be practiced in the workplace every day to protect employees and vendors from accidents and illness. With the threat of the Coronavirus, companies are advised to put in the extra effort to educate and protect employees from infection. Below are some guidelines to follow for the Coronavirus. 
Educate your employees about the virus and inform them about good hygiene practices. They are washing their hands, covering their mouths when coughing or sneezing, cleaning tools and work surfaces, keeping their distance from sick, people, and not touching their face unless they have washed their hands. 
OSHA recommends that companies develop an Infectious Disease Plan for the virus. They should provide information from state and federal agencies on where to go for treatment and updated information. The plan should have ways to reduce risk to employees, allow for time off, flexible work shifts, less business travel, health supplies needed, letting people work remotely, and allowing for delayed deliveries for supplies. 
Companies should think about cross training employees to account for possible absenteeism in the workplace. Its important too have an area for workers and visitors to wash their hands or provide alcohol based hand rubs. Encourage employees not to use equipment, used by other employees like telephones, computers, and mechanical equipment. Regular cleaning services should be used daily.  
Send sick employees home, or isolate them and provide transportation home or medical facility when necessary. Allow workers stay home and do not require a doctors note because most medical facilities will be too busy to comply. Allow time for employees to care for other sick family members. 
Provide protective equipment gloves, goggles, face masks, and respirators when needed based on their risk of infection. These are a few guidelines for companies to follow during the Coronavirus.