Why Commercial Fishing is Such a Dangerous Job

Ever seen Deadliest Catch? Then you know what commercial fishing is, and you know they pay a hefty check to anyone that decides to be a part of it. Some chalk it up for the time you have at sea, but the real reason for the gracious payment is far grimmer 
When you are out there at sea for months on end, grinding out the hours to catch the quota of sea life you were given, your life is the ocean-in more ways than once. Once you are on that boat and in the ocean, there is no going back until the time is up. Meaning that a world-record-breaking storm can come across the sea, and you’d have to hope for the best, even if the percentage of survival was slim. This often happens on a much smaller scale.

While out there in the storms, many boats are capsized, and many of the fishermen are often thrown overboard in the storms, lost to the waves from the sheer force of the currents. There are even instances of whirlpools in the ocean, that swallow boats whole. Never to be seen again. Not to mention the gear you operate with can easily harm you if you do not handle it properly or if something goes amiss. So, in short, to go into the commercial fishing business is to gamble with death. Every day you are on that vessel you are thankful you are alive-because there is a big possibility that the day after you may not be. 
So, next time looking into commercial fishing, remember all the dangers, the possibilities of death. They’re very real.